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   Here you have the opportunity to order music for compulsory ice dances, either as standard packages organized by level or as program dance CDs with announcements.

This site was designed by ice dancers who have collected music from around the world used in compulsory dances. Let us know if you can add to this collection.

Our samples are in MP3 format and consist of the first 30 seconds of each track.

33-Dance CD for

Click here for additional standard packages.

If you're interested in economical standard sets of practice and test music, click a CD case image above or the "Standard Packages" button. We can ship you a CD within a week that you can play for practice, program dance, coaching, or testing.

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Now you can get MP3s of 500 ice dance tunes (more than 24 hours) on one disk. Just order our Ice Dance Music Player DVD for your DESKTOP or LAPTOP computer.

The Ice Dance Music Player DVD contains more than 500 tracks of dance music from 1950 to the present!
  • Copy it from your DVD drive to your computer's hard disk, and you can make your own audio CDs of compulsory dance tunes.
  • Copy it to your LAPTOP or SMART PHONE and you can play pattern dance music at your rink by plugging that device's earphone jack into the rink sound system. The Player requires an up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player in a web browser on the device you want to use.
  • It will work on a PC or Apple laptop or tablet computer, and on any SMART PHONE equipped with Android version 2.0 or later.
Cost of the Ice Dance Music Player software and 500 tracks of compulsory dance music is $40, plus $5.05 for shipping and handling. Orders will be fulfilled only when paid in advance through PayPal.

If you want to test the Ice Dance Music Player, CLICK HERE.

To order your DVD copy of the Ice Dance Music Player (with more than 24 hours of Ice Dance tunes in MP3 format), Go to our disk description page and select an order form at the screen bottom.

 For a compact disc with 198 MP3 tracks of PATTERN DANCE COMPETITION MUSIC, order our new COMPETITION CD (Disk X). This is NOT an audio CD, but a disc designed to play in a laptop computer with a browser. It will also play in any audio CD player equipped to play MP3 tracks. You can also copy this disc's library of competition music to your computer's hard disk drive, and then create your own audio CDs. Costing only $30, the disk also contains all SOLO DANCE COMPETITION MUSIC. Order Disc X on our order form.